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Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Recovery

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Recovery

Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Recovery

Athletes are always interested to find tips and tricks to improve the recovery process. EMS unit has gained huge popularity in the world due to its ability to provide awesome results for strength training, testing, rehabilitation and post-exercise recovery tool as well. A few years ago, the gym was the only way to improve strength and performance, but today EMS medical device works as a bonus unit.

EMS: Essential things to know

EMS machine work by allowing the flow of electric impulses into the human body through pads so that the overall blood flow can be improved. Note that, when you start training your body, the blood vessels cause muscle dilation that naturally leads to higher blood flow. The process also produces many by-products such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen ions and adenosine. The moment they are released out of muscle cells; the muscle capillaries get more space to allow a higher flow of oxygen towards muscles.

Note that, some capillaries in the muscles are too small that they allow the lesser flow of blood and oxygen through it. Now, when you spend time exercising, the muscle tissue may also get swell, and it is responsible for blocking the normal flow of blood. In this situation, some by-products from capillaries create more space for the oxygen inside, and many others get backed up inside the muscles, and they do not allow essential nutrients to move inside. It leads to muscle inflammation, and this condition is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The contractions produced by EMS units play a great role in this condition.

In simple words, the eccentric training method can improve the overall strength of your muscles with some additional benefits. It works by clearing the waste products out of your body while reducing muscle inflammation. This process improves the overall state of your body and mindset as well.

Why EMS is so effective?

Once you apply the EMS unit on your skin, it generates some electrical impulses, and they try to mimic the actual action potential of the central nervous system. This process leads to muscle contraction, and it works in tangent with the normal process of your body. The moment, muscles get contracted, nitric oxide starts flowing with the bloodstream. The prime purpose of this element is to control the brain activities, muscle performance while controlling the blood circulation to these major areas.

At the same time, production of nitric oxide cause angiogenesis process in the human body; it is the production of new blood vessels from the existing ones so that more by-products can be created, and the muscles can receive better strength with right delivery of nutrients. Better cell function further leads to enhanced circulation, improved cell growth and better blood supply.

This basic information about EMS units will help you to make an easy decision about whether your body needs this unit or not. Some people also try some home remedies such as ice baths, myofascial release and cold temperature treatment etc. to improve muscle performance. But most users reveal that EMS units are the best choice to achieve a higher level of muscle stimulation.