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How To Use iTouch Relief?

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How to use iTouch Relief?

How To Use iTouch Relief?

iTouch Relief is a popular brand for making pain management systems. Some of their most popular products are TENS and EMS units that are believed to provide complete relief from pain related discomfort without any side effect. The great news is that these systems are quite easy to use; even beginners can also handle them to get desired results.

Directions to use iTouch Relief Device:

The iTouch Relief Device is designed to provide deep muscle stimulation and to recover muscle aches. In order to make this device more useful for the patients, manufacturers have added a variety of amazing features to it. Below we have highlighted a few of them:

  • It can generate multiple combinations of essential bioelectrical signals at a wide range of frequency settings.
  • Designed to provide traditional Chinese massage sensations along with effective acupuncture technology.
  • Durable, lightweight and portable design.
  • Electrode gel pads, silicon, and self-adhesive; everything in this kit is reusable.
  • Comes with an adjustable timer unit.

Steps to use:

Step 1: First of all, place electrode pads at affected area of your body. It might be the part where you are suffering pain, aches, stiffness or stress.

Step 2: Now set the device to the desired mode with a specific intensity level that you feel suitable to your personal needs. Experts advise to begin with the lowest intensity levels and then you can increase it slowly to the higher range. Never ever start with higher intensity as it may cause a harmful impact on the body.

Step 3: Once you switch the device, sit back and enjoy the relaxing sensations with your specialized muscle stimulator unit.

Medical health experts do not advise using these electrode pads in these sensitive areas of the body:

  • Directly on the heart
  • Cancerous Lesions
  • Temples or near the brain
  • Skin eruptions
  • Sinus nerves
  • Infected, swollen and inflamed areas
  • Throat or mouth

Tips to enhance the life of your electrodes:

  • It is advised to attach electrodes to the pads right before removing the plastic cover as well as before placing them on the affected parts of the body.
  • Never ever touch the gel on electrode pads as it tends to reduce their overall lifetime. Also, it is important to know that these pads are reusable so you should not throw them after use.
  • When you are ready to place the pads on the affected part of the body, prefer to put some drops of water on it so that the adhesiveness can be improved.

Tips to charge your device:

  • iTouch Relief device is loaded with lithium battery; users can charge it through a USB cable and AC adaptor as well.
  • Prefer to charge the battery for 8 to 10 hours before using this device for the very first time.

Maintenance and Care tips for iTouch Relief Device:

  • Before using this device, clean your skin carefully to remove lotions, oil and dirt.
  • Place all accessories carefully back in the box until next use.
  • Prefer to store this device at a dry and cool place.