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Itouch EMS

ITouch Relief, an Electronic muscle stimulator is different than Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly known as TENS, as it massages, stimulates, builds and re-educate the muscles in a way that enhances the endurance level of the muscle. Moreover, anyone can use it, if you work out if you are a builder or even if you haven’t seen the gym in your whole life. The EMS is mistaken for TENS a lot when there is a major difference between them. They both have their features and function. They are not the same thing hence can’t be used as each other’s alternate. Many people still regard Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) as a TENS unit. The fact is, each has its function.

EMS’s function is to contract the muscles by replicating the actions of the nervous system. Whereas, TENS’ work to keep the pain signals from reaching the brain.

Main objectives of the EMS device?

The main functions of any ITouch relief’s EMS devices are to enhance the blood circulation, relaxing the muscle spasm as well as re-train the muscles. Moreover, it helps break the lactic acid as well as pushes idle muscle fiber into action. They are very helpful in easing the pain, recovering weak muscles as well as quickening the healing process. ITouch relief’s main focus is to provide you with the best devices, that will work towards speedy recovery and healing process, boosting strength along with the activeness of the muscle.

ITouch Relief’s Electronic Muscle Stimulator:


The device is very easy to use, there isn’t much to learn about it, and anyone can easily operate the device. Turn on the device, plug in the electrodes, single out the muscles you need to relax and place the gel pads directly on them and then set the machine’s levels according to your need. If you are unsure, you can consult a Dr. to understand your muscle’s need better, for example, the levels should be high for someone suffering from post-injury compared to an athlete who would need it to build muscle strength. It will take a couple of tries to understand your preferred level of stimulation.

One bonus aspect of ITouch Relief’s devices is that they are portable, lightweight and can used anywhere. Being portable doesn’t affect their efficiency, the machine is truly focused on helping relax and contract your muscles just like the nervous system does. In a very short span of time, you will understand the levels you need to heal your muscles.

 How to know if the ITouch Relief device is for you?

People with muscle pain are the most likely to purchase an EMS device. Athletes use the device more than any other genre of people. They need the device to stay at the top position. As they strengthen the muscles and relieve pain, they are most preferred by the sports industry people. This help prevent major injuries and are preferred by professional as well as frivolous athletes related to famous names such as NHL.

Other than athletes’ people like laborers, office employees, housewives, people with post-injury pains can also use the device to relieve muscle ache. As the device arouses blood circulation, its preferred by almost every other person who is looking to relieve muscle ache.


Following are the conditions ideal for the usage of EMS:

  • Muscle Weakness
  • Enhancement of Muscle tones


With the help of ITouch Relief’s EMS devices workout time reduces and you will see the effects of it within the first ten days. It may be an external device, but it imitates the work of the nervous system in contracting and relaxing the muscle to improve the activeness of the muscle and enhances the blood flow to that particular muscle.

ITouch relief’s device will also help you with your flexibility and balance issues by circulating blood to the areas where you experience the most imbalance.