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iTouch Relief Product Warranty


Warranty Service

For all your operation concerns with the ITouch Relief device, feel free to check out our Troubleshooting Step Page. If you are having the same problems after trying our troubleshooting steps, you are free to contact our customer service department at In the case of the warranty service is required, you can send in your defective device to our warranty department at the address given below.

We want to inform you that the warranty includes defects in craftsmanship and materials under standard use for two years from the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser. When a defect comes, and a valid claim is obtained during the Warranty Period, ITouch Relief will either fix the defective unit or exchange the item with a new product that has been manufactured from serviceable and new used parts.

2250 nw 114th ave , Miami FL 33192

Kindly include the following items along with your return:

  • Proof of purchase within the last two years or a copy of VIP card**
  • The defective unit only (wires, pads, box, and others aren’t necessary)
  • Phone number and return shipping address
  • A short note indicating the problem with the unit
  • A money or check order for $5.95 made out to ITouch Relief for the processing of your warranty

**For service outside our warranty terms, we kindly ask you to call our service department**

Take note that the only way to be sure you’re purchasing an original ITouch Relief products is through buying from an authorized ITouch Relief retailer. You will find a plethora of fake dealers trying to sell counterfeit products posing as real ITouch Relief devices.

Unlicensed dealers have been considered to utilize the ITouch Relief product photography and logo without our approval. That makes it hard to determine a genuine ITouch Relief product from a counterfeited one. Such fake items aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration and might present a safety and health risk to the user.

Our company’s warranty doesn’t cover any item acquired from an authorized dealer, and buying from those companies might put you at risk of identity theft and credit card fraud.

Further, sales from eBay, Amazon or any third party sites are not approved as well.

ITouch Relief is a registered trademark.

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