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Medical Device Class II

EMS’s function is to contract the muscles by replicating the actions of the nervous system.


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iTouch Relief Device designed to provide deep muscle stimulation and to recover muscle aches.


EMS Technology

ITоuсh Rеliеf digital pulse massagers аrе very beneficially for mаnу people.

ITouch Relief - Tens EMS

Are you in trouble due to back pain, stiff neck, stress or muscle ache? Well! It is time to try TENS EMS Technology from iTouch Relief. This product is designed to help you utilize the maximum potential of your body.
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation; this alternative therapy is being used worldwide by personal trainers, pain management experts and physical therapists since 1960s. It actually works by stimulating the natural painkillers, endorphins in the human body by sending soothing pulses to the brain. The main goal is to interrupt the pain signals generated by certain body parts, and it is done by generating low voltage electrical pulses through TENS unit.

Working of


A few years ago, the pain management units used to be highly costly and bulky; moreover, they were available to use only after prescription. But the great news is that you are a part of the technologically advanced world and iTouch Relief has finally launched a real game changer unit to serve your needs. TENS unit is gaining more and more popularity worldwide due to its modern look, portable system, rechargeable, hands-free mode, and streamlined design.

What conditions can
be targeted by TENS?


The TENS unit can be used to manage a variety of pains such as minor aches, stiff neck, lower back pain and other muscle related issues. Professionals reveal that TENS can be used by sports and fitness enthusiasts to provide deep pain relief treatment. It can even relax your body by relieving post-workout soreness, pain while helping your muscles to recover faster.

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All Our Devices are Class II Medical Device , FDA 510K Cleared
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