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ITouch Provides A Solution for every person  and every sitoation. Back Pain , Foot Pain , Knee , ITouch Product Works Great For People That Doing Sport , Workout , Golf , Football , And more For more info 

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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management The human body does so many functions at every instant, and when something goes wrong inside, it sends signals to your brain...

Why the iTouch Relief system is the best choice?

Deep Tissue Massaging Tool The market is loaded with a wide range of deep tissue massaging tools, but when you need something to ensure complete...

Digital pluse massagers

         ITouch Rеliеf digital рulѕе massagers ITоuсh Rеliеf digital pulse massagers is a carry аrоund арраrаtuѕ whiсh produces muѕсulаr соntrасtiоnѕ and imрulѕеѕ...


  • I’ve had 2 back surgeries and live with chronic pain. My old tens unit you would have to run for hours to get relief. I tried the ITouch relief on at Johnstown Bike Week and was getting relief during the demo. I use it 2-3 times a day it has been helping with my pain tremendously! When you buy one they give you vouchers for free pads for the unit but they forgot to write the code down. Customer service helped me out with no hassles for the code to receive my free pads. Thanks
    - Lisa capps
  • These products have been instrumental in helping reduce my back pain. I have bulging discs from years of grappling that cause a nagging pain. The TENS unit helps my pain not only during training but also throughout the day when I'm doing chores around the house or playing with my kid. I especially like their new MD-100 unit because it's Touch screen! I use it for pain relief but also during some workouts to increase the intensity. I used this unit during my training camp for the Grappling World . I recommend these products to anyone dealing with any type of pain
    - jayson trevis
  • As a fitness girl that works out a lot, I found their muscle recovery devices are amazing for recovery. Before ITouch, I relied on my BCAAs to help heal my muscles and prevent them from being sore in a couple days of my fitness regime and even than I still was always in pain. But thanks to ITouch relief, I recover quick and can live my day to day life with ease. I love my MD-X and it's pink!
    - holly robbins