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Muscle Stimulator

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Muscle Stimulators

Muscle Stimulator

Whether you are a professional athlete or an average gym practitioner; if you are interested in building endurance and muscles; it is good to get started with iTouch Relief stimulator. The Tens EMS system work by improving the functionality of the whole body by providing deep relief therapy. All those who are suffering from any kind of pain signals in muscles, joints or any other parts of the body are advised to choose a reliable pain relief system from iTouch Relief, and soon you will be able to tune back to a healthy lifestyle.

Note that, TENS system usually works by interrupting the normal pain signals in the human brain whereas the EMS system stimulates the healthy muscles to ensure better performance. In simple words, we can say that Tens systems are designed to stimulate the nerve signs in such a manner that information related to pain cannot reach the brain. On the other side, the EMS system helps muscles to contract by following the commands given by the nervous system in the human body.

Why use electronic muscle stimulators?

The iTouch Relief EMS unit provides deep relaxation treatment to the muscle spasms while re-educating them. This system improves the circulation of blood throughout the body; stimulate all the inactive muscle fibres and break up lactic acid. This process naturally leads to pain relief. At the same time, the Tens EMS device improves the healing process in muscles and tone up the weaker ones. Medical health experts reveal that the muscle stimulators offered by iTouch Relief focus on maximizing the strength of the muscles while initiating faster recovery and muscle recruitment.

This system doesn’t require any professional skills; anyone can use it with ease. All that you need to do is place silicone gel pads on affected muscle area, apply electrodes and then turn on the simulator unit. Set the operation range as per your requirement. For instance, if you need to heel post-injury situation, it is important to look for more conservative settings. In this situation, simply increase the pulse width, and frequency while keeping the timer anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes. But make sure you are gentle to your body, there is no need to exhaust your muscles. You will be happy to hear that iTouch Relief muscle stimulator systems are portable, lightweight, efficient and can ensure a variable range of contraction and relaxation phases.

Who need iTouch Relief Muscle Stimulators?

This system is more useful for people that are suffering from muscle pain. It is observed that most of sports enthusiasts prefer to use these muscle stimulators to stay active in the games. These systems can be used on both recreational and professional level to treat injuries, manage blood flow and boost muscle strength. Experts reveal that iTouch Relief systems are useful for a remedy as well as cosmetic purpose. It can help you improve muscle weaknesses and muscle tone as well. The higher settings of electrical pulses can also assist in loosening tight tendons and improve overall balance in joints.