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How TENS EMS Can Help You with Your Sciatica Pain?

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How TENS & EMS Can Help You with Your Sciatica Pain?

How TENS EMS Can Help You with Your Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica is one of the most frustrating, painful and debilitating conditions that demands effective treatment. But before we discuss a solution to treat this issue; it is important to understand what sciatica is. Note that, it is a nerve condition that initiated by a few other health issues in the human body; sciatica can happen due to numbness, intense pain and tingling sensation. Most of the time, medical health professionals advise using painkillers to deal with the intense pain associated with sciatica. But from past few years, experts started trusting on one advanced treatment option; TENS unit from iTouch Relief is considered as the ultimate solution to sciatica pain.

About Sciatica pain:

Sciatica pain is initiated in the sciatic nerve. You might be aware of the fact that it is the largest as well as the longest nerve in the human body. This nerve passes to buttock from the spine through the hips and then extended to the backside of the thighs and goes up to the feet. The major task of this nerve is to control the sensation to the foot and leg area while delivering several control functions. Sciatica condition occurs due to prolapsed or slipped disc problem that further cause some unwanted pressure on inter-vertebral nerves. This pressure is the major cause of inflammation and severe pain. When the nerve gets inflamed, it starts transmitting some pain related sensations to the brain. This pain can be felt in multiple places. Some patients report discomfort at buttocks; others face it at lower leg and thighs as well.

How to manage sciatica pain?

Most of the patients try to manage sciatica pain by using painkillers, but medical health experts advise taking a reliable diagnosis to avoid the major discomfort. One of the most trusted treatments for sciatica pain is TENS unit from iTouch Relief. Note that, TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a non-invasive and safe therapy that makes use of electric pulses to treat the pain. These electrical pulses are powered by a small battery unit inside the Tens EMS device.

The great news is that this treatment can be applied in the clinical environment and at home as well. In order to use the TENS system, first of all, users need to clean the affected area and make it completely dry before attaching the diodes. Now, fix the electrode pads in a close area to the pressure point. It is time to select the mode of operation; you can either go ahead with the conventional mode or use burst mode. The conventional mode provides a regular flow of electricity whereas the later one is like acupuncture treatment as it sends short bursts of electrical impulses to the affected area. Patients can also choose the modulation mode that sends steady pulses or burst cycles to deliver a massage like treatment. Depending upon the doctor’s recommendations, you can use TENS unit for a few minutes and soon it will ensure relief from sciatica pain.