• Pro MD-T

Pro MD-T

$ 350.00 USD

The Pro MD-T is the pain management device made by iTouch Relief and what a helpful product is this. I was aware of the theory of electric muscle stimulation(EMS), and surely many pain management facilities are using such techniques for their patients in order to help them manage certain types of pains, but this portable device can be used by two persons at the same time within the comforts of one’s house is amazing yet convenient.
The device came with 12 built in modes as “not every pain requires same treatment”. There is pain relief by transcutaneous nerve stimulation as well as through electric muscle stimulation and it helps A LOT. Whether you are having some chronic pain issues or you are an athlete facing day to day strains or sprains, the device serves everyone well. Along with the pain management the deep tissue massages, relaxation, tapping, foot massage and if you are a fan of Shiatsu therapy, well, this is the device for you. Yes, it, can do the therapies at your home. The massages you seek and get by the professionals by paying them every time you want them, isn’t this better to make an investment at once?
The 12 modes include acupuncture therapy, workout and abs mode along with the body’s pressure point map which is a great help indeed. Any person can manage and do the massages easily. The specific pains are separately addressed too, like migraine and foot pain by providing pads of different shapes. And the best thing about this all in one great device is that it comes with a 10 years warranty. It surely is as convenient and helpful as it is claimed to be.
Included in the box:
1. PRO MD-T Device
2. 10 years warranty
3. 2 wires
4. User manual
5. Map pressure points
6. Pad holder
7. AC Adapter
8. USB charging cable