• ITOUCH Belt


$ 49.99 USD

Belt Touch - Muscles Therapy

Description: Our belt touch is a muscle therapy belt that can help relieve the pain in your joints and help you get rid of sore muscles. The belt touch is manufactured using a back panel that offers you the warmth, support, and strength your muscle and joints need to heal. Similarly, a panel on the other side offers a cool touch. Offering you the breathability your skin needs, while keeping up with a necessary compression.

Using the belt touch is easy, and it can even be worn underneath your clothing. As the belt adapts to the shape of your body you will never have to worry about it sticking out of causing a bulk. Additionally, it's velcro closure allows you to a chance to maintain the needed pressure.

- Weight: 0.3125lbs
- Fitting: Adjustable
- Material: Polyester Blend